Rocket League World Champions!

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Rocket League World Champions!

FlipSid3 Tactics: Your RLCS Season 2 World Champions!

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After a grueling weekend in Amsterdam (LANsterdam), kuxir97, gReazymeister, and Markydooda have claimed the title of Rocket League RLCS Season 2 World Champions! These guys really earned it! To really appreciate just how hard these guys worked for this, let’s go through the entire weekend. In keeping with the FlipSid3 way, the team was knocked into the lower bracket early, but fought their way back to the grand finals for a rematch with Mockit Aces.  To become world champions, they would have to win two best of 7 matches.

Day 1 Live Finals

Take 3

Coming into the LAN, F3 was the #1 seed after an incredible season of online play. Their first opponent in Amsterdam was Take 3, comprised of Rizzo, Insolences, and Zanejacky. Even though F3 was heavily favored in the match-up, there was some speculation at the analyst desk. Depending on which Take 3 showed up, this could be an incredible series. Take 3 did not disappoint. The games were close and they played well, and by the time game 4 rolled around, the game was scoreless until there were less than 50 seconds left in the game. Flipsid3 was finally able to get on the scoreboard with some awesome passing plays. F3 takes the series 3-1!

Mockit Aces

Next up Mockit Aces (Paschy90, ViolentPanda, and Deevo) in what would be the first of three matches between the two teams. FlipSid3 started the series off strong with a win in Game 1. However, after that the team was unable to stave off the Mockit offense. Flipsid3 lost the match up 3-1 and falls to the loser’s bracket.

Day 2 Live Finals

NRG eSports

The battle of the #1 seeds started out with a dominant performance by NRG (Jacob, Sadjunior, and Fireburner) as they easily took Game 1 with a score of 5-1. Things started out rocky, but FlipSid3 quickly collected themselves and came into Game 2 hungry for the win. The game remained scoreless for much of with FlipSid3 putting on some incredible offensive pressure. Eventually the defense of NRG cracked after a laser from kuxir found the back of the net. Building momentum from their win in Game 2 FlipSid3 would go on to punish NRG whenever they overextended on offense. NRG would not score another goal  after their win in Game 1 and FlipSid3 took the series 3-1.

Take 3

After beating Take 3 in the upper bracket, FlipSid3 now had to face them again in the lower bracket for a chance to play Northern Gaming. Take 3 was hot off a 3-0 win over Precision Z and was sure to be a tough opponent. The action started immediately with an F3 goal after only 4 seconds of gameplay, but Take 3 would answer almost immediately with a goal of their own. After an incredibly close game, F3 grabbed a 2-1 win in Game 1. Using the momentum from their previous win, FlipSid3 set up some incredible team plays to win 4-1 in Game 2 and 4-3 in game 3!

Northern Gaming

In the lower bracket finals, F3 went up against Northern Gaming (Remkoe, Maestro, and Miztik) in a Bo7. Game 1 was a intense back and forth that ended in a FlipSid3 win (3-2) after an extremely tense overtime for 4:19. Both teams played well, and the NG defense seemed unbeatable at times as they attempted to withstand a barrage of 19 shots from F3.  Game 2 was an incredible display of offensive passing plays with multiple plays involving the entire F3 team leading to a 2-1 win. Game 3 was more of the same, leading to another win with a final score of 3-2. NG fought hard in Game 4 to take the win as well as keep their hopes alive in the tournament.

Game 5 proved to be the closest game yet. After a grueling 5 minutes of gameplay, we went into overtime with both teams at zero points. After an incredibly tense 55 seconds of overtime, kuxir was finally able to put it in the goal, and F3 took the series moving on to face Mockit Aces in the Grand Finals.

Grand Finals – Mockit Aces

To take home the championship, F3 now had to take down the team that sent them to the lower bracket twice, in two best of seven matches.

In Game 1, F3 came on to the pitch ready to fight and opened the series with a convincing 2-0 win. Game 2 started immediately with Mockit scoring 2 goals in the first 20 seconds of gameplay. F3 would do their best to stabilize, but the early momentum for Mockit proved to be too great and Mockit wins the game 4-1. Game 3 opened with an offensive onslaught by F3 eventually gaining them the first goal of the game. Mockit would come back strong with a powerful defense, but in the end F3 takes the game 2-1. In Game 4, through a combination of excellent offensive pressure, and a lack of accuracy from Mockit, F3 takes the game 2-1 and puts Mockit on match point. Game 5 and F3 was on fire! Determined to force a bracket reset, F3 takes Game 5 3-1.

Grand Finals – Bracket Reset

To fully appreciate the pressure, the hype, and the determination of the F3, nothing showcases it better than kuxir97 in the clip below.

Fully psyched, the F3 squad took the field in a final best of seven. Game 1 was a insane game with the longest overtime in RLCS history (7:17 minutes). Mockit dealt a devastating blow to the F3 squad and take the game 3-2. Games 2 & 3 saw the momentum shift in F3’s direction as they take both games 2-1 with amazing passing plays and quick transitions from defense to offense. With an awesome shot from Marky, and a defensive lapse in Mockit’s goal, F3 takes Game 4 2-0 and puts Mockit on match point.

F3 struck first in Game 5 but Mockit was quick to respond with two goals with 3:30 still left to play. Only 40 seconds later F3 tied it up again 2-2. The game would go into overtime where F3 eventually breaks through the Mockit defense to become the RLCS Season 2 World Champions!

Get to know the team and their journey to become world champions.

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